Kicking Designs features unique and original desktop wallpaper for your PC/Mac, Apple & Android tablets and phones. All wallpapers are completely original and shot by Timothy Borkowski unless otherwise noted. 4K Ultra HD Wallpapers now available.

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Great Dane 8-22-2015

Great Dane 8-22-2015...

Cozumel Beach 8-17-2015
Seagull Sunset 8-11-2015
Lamb of God 8-6-2015

Lamb of God 8-6-2015...

Great Horned Owl 8-1-2015
Lions 7-27-2015

Lions 7-27-2015...

Hot Air-balloon-7-22-2015
Lily 7-17-2015

Lily 7-17-2015...

Saybrook Breakwater Light 7-12-2015
Flower 7-7-2015

Flower 7-7-2015...

Frog 7-1-2015

Frog 7-1-2015...

Cozumel 6-26-2015

Cozumel 6-26-2015...

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